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Upper limb control

We have been working at the problem of coordination of multi-joint movements, and at how coordination is altered by pathologies. In particular, we identified a class of persons with multiple sclerosis that exhibit subtle coordination impairment (V.Sanguineti). The methodologies developed in this context were used also in a clinical study (S.Abuarqub) aimed at the estimation of the efficacy of an antiepileptic drug for the reduction of intentional tremor (a typical cerebellar symptom). Similar methodologies have been applied to other pathologies, such as cerebellar atrophy and Alzheimer’s disease. Clinical studies have been carried out in collaboration with Dr. L. Baratto (Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery Unit, Colletta Hospital, Arenzano), Dr .Brichetto (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Fundation, FISM) and Dr. C. Solaro (Neurology Department, ‘p. A. Micone’ Hospital, Sestri Ponente). These studies were funded by FISM.